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We are strong.  We are powerful.  We are UNIFIED.  Working daily to revitalize our communities, re-empower America, and Redefine our abilities to make money and help people.


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I’m Steve Franco, an investor since 1997 and full time since 2009.  I’ve done commercial, residential, multifamily (alot) and NOT just as a dealer or wholesaler.  I own property, flip property, and I do it EVERY DAY.

What I am not, is able to find all the deals myself and my partners can do.  That’s why I need you.

But, not just anyone.  I need a dedicated, creative, hard working group who can learn their area (neighborhood, type of property, etc.) and who can DELIVER on their word to  do what it takes to succeed. 

  • Find the property lead (I guide you how)
  • Locate the owner (with my help)
  • Gather the information (with guidance)
  • Analyze the deal (hand in hand with me)
  • Close the deal with the seller (alongside me.  I take the lead here)

The package I’m offering is 10 deals (more if you want to, I’d love a long-term team).  I’ll teach you what you need to know…show you how to do the math, estimate repairs, etc.  and you will MAKE MONEY ON EACH CLOSING.

Everyone’s curve is different.  Some will come in with deals ready to slice, some will need more help getting started, so I can’t predict the exact income split for every person starting out.  What I can say is this…throughout the 10 deals, YOU WILL MAKE MORE THAN ME.  I aim for a 70/30 (you/me) split of profits on average.  Often it’s just 60/40, but it NEVER is below 55/45.

Ready to get started?  Click Here and sign up now!