COMPREHENSIVE EDUCATION (with 5 deals “hand holding”)

  • this teaches EVERYTHING and you get to see and try ALL my Softwares and tools.
  • FREE and PERMANENT access to my ever-improving spreadsheet that calculates rental numbers, flip numbers, and more.
  • I teach deal and numbers analysis, teaching you what your buyers need and how they work.
    • Understand how Landlords run numbers differently
    • Evaluate EVERY deal for EVERY type of client
    • Include AGI, NOI and COC calculations as well as ROI and CAP
    • Learn how to SELL to them, then learn how to BECOME ONE yourself
  • then I teach you wholesaling,
    • give you access to some EXCLUSIVE marketing methods, and how to lock deals up and stay safe vs realtor laws.
    • then I teach you how to move those deals and fast.
  • Plus we teach private money, creative financing…
  • prepare you to be a flipper and landlord, and self storage owner too!
  • and go as in depth as you want in the specific topics.
  • DIRECT CELL PHONE ACCESS TO ME AND MY TEAM. the ONLY package that gets you this.
  • YOUR ENTIRE COURSE FEE IS RETURNED FROM MY PORTION OF YOUR FIRST 3 deals. As in, I shrink my first 3 checks to get your course fee paid back in total.