OFFICERs Share REIArmy Profits


Also, we offer collaborative subscription models – letting us all leverage more cost-effective marketing on a volume scale than any of us can do alone. In exchange for that subscription, YOU WILL GET A PERCENTAGE OF EVERY DEAL “THE REIArmy” IS INVOLVED IN.

“Paid Marketing Subscription Program ($25/mo)”

  • $25/mo gets you “in the officers’ club”
  • We combine everyone’s subscriptions as a marketing budget, we:
    • Buy lists and other BULK advertising services
    • Skip trace & Clean all data, share it with subscribers and members
      • subscribers get first shot, members are let in if there’s too many leads
    • The budget is used for as much Signs/mailing/calls/VA services as possible, provided free to subscribers ONLY
  • We hold your hand turning the LEADS into DEALS and SALES

Profits are split, as always, in this way (let’s assume a 40% share to the member working the lead, 60% to the REIArmy)

  • Subscriber (or member, if not enough subscribers want the leads) gets their 40% (or whatever)
  • REIArmy gets 60%.
    • 10% of which is set aside for subscribers.
    • 5% is set aside for advertising re-invest.
    • REIArmy takes only 45%


  • 10% of every transaction, taken from REIA.BIZ’s portion is set aside to distribute to all REIArmy subscribers who supported the marketing effort.
  • Doesn’t sound like alot? Really?
    • 10% of a $10,000 wholesale is $1,000.00
    • If we market and make offers to 250,000 people, we get 10,000 deals
    • $1,000 per deal at 10,000 deals is $1MM to share, conservatively (many wholesalers are higher payout)
    • We only allow so many REIArmy subscribers
    • Those that contribute to the marketing, share in the Leads, and in the profit from ALL the deals..
  • Just imagine what this can turn into with just a few deals…